Preform Line Marking

Preform Long Life Marking

Our Preform lines are not just long lasting - they are always vibrant, reflective and noticeable.

Ensuring road, warehouse and factory marking that is long lasting and resistant to all the different forces that wear it down and make it less visible. This isn’t just an arbitrary issue: if the lines aren’t resilient enough then drivers on the road, equipment operators or pedestrians won’t be able to see the line and that will inhibit safety and use over the long term.

This is why longlife marking is a specialty of our company, something that we have:

  • extensive experience with
  • the finest equipment
  • and capable pros

so we’re able to produce the lines that are not just long lasting but always vibrant, reflective and noticeable.

Longlife marking is the key to alleviating safety concerns over the usage of the road or structure, along with ensuring visibility. We know how to ensure each of these two factors when we produce lines, and we know how to do so to resist specific circumstances or environments that may present challenges to long term viability.

Our company is here to ensure that roads and structures are always safe to use and easily navigated with the proper lines, so contact us and see what we can do for you today!

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